Bulling new laws

school violence is a growing trend in our country. In Congress they took note and yesterday passed a law stating that the Ministry of Education, through the Federal Council shall make rules to prevent conflicts in schools, including bullying. But what changes this law? And what you are defined by bullying?

Bullying Zero team in Argentina define bullying as “a pattern of harassment or physical or psychological persecution that makes a student against another, whom chosen as target of repeated attacks.” Clarify that peer harassment occurs not only in school, but can occur anywhere where there is a group that shares several hours, like a club or a church. And that bullying “is always against a particular group and not against a person. If so, it would be considered a fight between gangs.” Flavia Sinigagliesi, team psychologist, explained in the Facebook page of the network that the harassment “has to be repeated and sustained over time. An occasional fight or for a specific issue is not bullying.”

The specialist detailed that bullying has several characters: the bully (is the idea that harassment and not always the one who runs it); the harassed; followers (those who support the leader and often run harassment), viewers (who can only look, laugh at what happens or try to stop it); School staff (who must detect and intervene) and parents (responsible for detecting changes in their children and discuss it with the school authorities).

Until now, there was no legal framework to recognize and try to stop the bullying, a growing problem. In fact, many teachers acknowledge that they know what to do in case of violence in the classroom. The new law aims to prevent conflicts in the schools-not just bullying-and promotes the creation of specialized teams for prevention and intervention in this kind of events, and notes that diagnostic equipment have to be aware of how it is changing school violence from the mass of new technologies.

The new rule passed yesterday morning Congress provides for participation instances where teachers, parents and students to prevent and resolve violent situations. Students will have a space where they can present their problems, teachers and parents may intervene not remain outside: come to have an active role in conflict resolution.

And also it states that there will be sanctions for bullying, which will be educational, gradual and progressive, taking the context and guaranteeing the right to education, so school authorities will have to find another facility where the harasser study if as a measure of expulsion is decided. The Ministry of Education is working on a guide with clear guidelines for teachers. And you must also enable a hotline for those who do not dare to tell what happened to them or feel that the school does not listen.

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