Sexual harassment

  According to the results found in all our secondary school there are relationships between chaired by the humiliation and abuse of power. This problem is signaled by a significant proportion of secondary school students throughout the state either as victims, perpetrators or observers, and by the teachers themselves, which in itself refutes one of Read more about Sexual harassment[…]

bulling kids

What is Bulling

The abuse of power relationships between school began to take off his invisibility late from the pioneering studies of Dan Olweus in Scandinavia for almost thirty years 1. Little by little they have been taken seriously in other European countries, together with Australia and Japan and later in the US2, much remains to prevention which Read more about What is Bulling[…]

Bulling new laws

school violence is a growing trend in our country. In Congress they took note and yesterday passed a law stating that the Ministry of Education, through the Federal Council shall make rules to prevent conflicts in schools, including bullying. But what changes this law? And what you are defined by bullying? Bullying Zero team in Read more about Bulling new laws[…]