Hot to Make a Complain

Need to make a complaint and not really know how to do, I followed the following steps: You must get close to the offices of the Attorney criminal charges or nearest police station with your identity card and a photocopy. You realize your complaint orally or in writing. They must provide a copy of it, if they do not claim it advises prosecutors.

When do I need a lawyer? Bear in mind that for crimes of public prosecution need not have one, simply make your complaint. From there, he says the prosecution, the tax shift is required to investigate the incident, identify those responsible and seek the appropriate sentence in criminal court.

Now, you have some doubts how to recognize the crimes of public and private prosecution when the crimes which affect not only certain individuals but society itself, given the seriousness of the offense, it is for the offenses of public prosecutions; however, when the crimes affect certain people without harming society, these are crimes of private prosecution.

What events can I report? It is a violation of state law that has been created to protect the safety of citizens. The offenses are classified as crimes and offenses. The first is the term used to describe those behaviors sanctioned by the Penal Code, with a sentence of more than five years imprisonment; and second, those with less than this punishment.

Where and in what time What I can report? The Public Prosecutor has coverage throughout the national territory and has offices Entry Complaints Board in each of the venues. Mesa Office of the Attorney Entry is open 24 hours, including holidays. The headquarters is located at Our Lady of the Assumption and / Fulgencio R. Moreno and Haedo. Get information about the location of the nearest to your home prosecutor.

What is FonoAyuda?

The National Secretariat for Children and Adolescents states that the line 147 is a telephone helpline for children and adolescents. It provides information and guidance in cases of maltreatment, abuse and other situations that can be overcome with support.

All calls are handled with respect and confidentiality.

Who can call?

• Children and adolescents who are abused.

• Children and adolescents who need to talk and receive guidance on issues that matter to them.

• Teachers, community leaders, people working in health, moms, dads, grandmas, uncles, cousins ​​and anyone who is aware of a situation of violation of rights of children and adolescents need to know what to do.

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